Soil and More Egypt (SME) is a joint venture company that carries out research on soil, organic matter, and the hydro-physical properties of soil. It provides technical consultation in the fields of environment, water, and energy. SME’s main activities are in the fields of composting, foot-printing, and emission reduction. It generates carbon credits by applying innovative techniques of composting which avoid methane emissions and thus have a lower impact on the environment.

Since 2008 SME has developed methodologies to generate carbon credits for carbon sequestration, avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers, and energy saving through sustainable practices in agriculture. It provides project management of CDM projects to decrease carbon emissions and carbon assessment projects. Comprehensive carbon assessments are conducted for products, companies, and events. The company’s corporate objective is to create commercial value through ecological and ethical innovation.

SME represents the “green industry” sector in this project. The involvement of SME enormously supports the consortium in understanding the real needs of the green industry and business. SME was established by an entrepreneur whose experiences are documented and provided to the students as a success story for a start-up business. SME also contributes to the first work package to support the development of the programme and ensuring it accurately presents the real-world needs of the Egyptian market.

SME also supports the dissemination of the MSc program among the industrial partners in Egypt. In addition, SME is instrumental in encouraging donors to provide financial support to ensure the sustainability of the whole initiative and possibly also provide scholarships for the students.

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