RAS1RES4MED has organized a one-day international workshop held in Cairo on September 28th with the aim of fostering a high-level dialogue between key stakeholders, agencies, energy companies, financial institutions, investors, industrial players, technology providers and universities, to generate a deeper understanding of local needs, strengthening public-private partnership. GIEP consortium has been directly involved in the event, with the participation at the afternoon session “The challenges of education in Egypt at the light of post-2015 agenda”.

The session has represented a stimulating opportunity to discuss the roles academia and private actors in the Egyptian society to tackle the challenge of sustainable development. Alexandria University, The American University of Cairo and Cairo University have presented programs and contents being developed in the multidisciplinary frame of sustainable development, green innovation and entrepreneurship.

All the panelists agreed that working on human capital as crucial “natural and renewable” resource and empowering local capacity as consequent action is the most sustainable way to create a long lasting, autonomous and equitable development with mutual benefit at local and global level.

More information here http://www.res4med.org/

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