Renewable energy systems


  • Biomass for heat
  • Electric power and liquid fuels
  • Geo-energy sources
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Hydro power



This course presents presents presents the state-of-the-art in renewable renewable energy applications applications applications including including including biomass biomass for heat, electric electric electric power and liquid fuels as well as geo-energy sources sources sources such as wind, solar,and hydropower.


During the course, Students will do engineering engineering calculations calculations of power and energy  availability of renewable energy sources and learn about requirements  for integrating  renewable  energy  sources into  production, distribution and end-use systems.


Teacher Introduction

General Information

Author: Prof. Nabil Hassen Mostafa, Dr. Mohamed Talaat Moustafa, Dr. Moustafa Mohamed Ibrahim, Dr. Mohamed Ali Essa, Dr. Ahmed Hamdy Osman
Credit Points: 0 CP
Estimated Effort: 1 h / week
Start: no specific date!
End: no specific date!