Renewable Energy Resources


Overall aims of course
  1. Introduce the students to the basic information about the renewable energy sources.
  2. Give the students information about the different means of getting energy in general and the problems associated with fossil fuels depletion.
  3. Make the students understand the different technologies used worldwide regarding solar, wind and biomass for energy generation.
  4. Make the students acquainted with the recent developments in the field of renewable energy resources.
Knowledge and understanding
  1. Make the students discuss and understand how the sun energy is the major source for biomass and how it could be used in collecting thermal energy or  how it can be converted to organic matter or for electricity generation by photovoltaics.
  2. Make the students understand the concept of using wind energy in turbines including site selection, available technologies and aerodynamics
  3. Explain the interrelationship of biomass, waste utilization, energy conservation and environmental protection.


No. of hours per week
1.    Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development 4
2.    Global Solar Resource, Electromagnetic Radiation 4
3.    Solar Spectral Distribution, Terrestrial Solar Radiation and Trajectory 4
4.    Flat-Bed, Concentrating Collectors & Parabolic Concentrators 4
5.    Photovoltaic Cells, Arrays, Sizing and Design 4
6.    Energy Storage, Batteries and Charge & Discharge Cycles 4
7.    Wind Characteristics and Resources 4
8.    Aerodynamics and  Mechanics of Wind Turbines 4
9.    Wind Turbine Design, Testing, Siting System Design, and Integration. 4
10. Biomass Resources in Egypt and worldwide. 4
11. Conversion of biomass to bioethanol, biogas and biodiesel 4
12. New trends in biohyrogen production, fuel cells and future technologies 4


Teacher Introduction

General Information

Author: Prof. Dr. Salah Hassouna
Credit Points: 3 CP
Estimated Effort: 4 h / week
Start: Mar, 01 2015
End: Jun, 18 2015