Renewable Energy Integration Systems


The course introduces students to the effects of integrating renewable energy to the transmission and distribution systems. Students will learn the benefits and drawbacks of this integration. At the completion of this topic the students should know AC/DC drives control, predictive direct power control of systems connected into the grid, technological aspects of power electronic systems connection to the grid, active network devices, control and FACTS technology, and micro-grids.

This course gains 8 ECTS / 4 CP


  1. Impact of DG integration on power quality and reliability
  2. Integration of distributed generation in electricity system planning
  3. Power Electronics in Wind Power Generation
  4. Photovoltaic Power Electronics
  5. Protection of Distribution System with DG Integration
  6. Impact of DG Integration on the Transmission System Operation
  7. A Review of Interconnection Rules for Large-Scale Renewable Power Generation
  8. Active Power and Frequency Control Considering Large-Scale Renewable Energy Sources
  9. Microgrid (Part 1)
  10. Microgrids (Part 2)


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Teacher Introduction

General Information

Author: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Aly
Credit Points: 4 CP
Estimated Effort: 4 h / week
Start: Aug, 17 2016
End: Nov, 29 2016