Greening the Built Environment


  • Examines core concepts. Analytic tools, and program models needed to develop the urban built environment in ways that are socially and environmentally sustainable.
  • Retrofitting and sustainability upgrades for the existing urban core.
  • Developing new communities on a sustainable model, and providing affordable options for low-income urban residents, including upgrading of informal areas as well as new developments.

Explores how the spatial distribution of work and housing choices interacts with transport/transit systems, energy use, and infrastructure to shape urban sustainability outcomes.

This course gains 2 CP/ 8 ECTS


The course consists of a series of lectures and practical’s and will provide the student with the knowledge and understanding that he need to make a start in the concept of sustainability, as It will provide with an understanding of tools and approaches that will prepare the student for making his own distinctive contributions to the sustainability evolution.

Lectures delivered in pdf files as follows:

  1. Introduction includes course information and outline.
  2. Lecture 1: includes what is the built environment, component of the built environment and Green and Sustainable.
  3. Lecture 2: Understanding sustainability in the built environment
  4. Lecture 3: Analytical Tools.
  5. Lecture 4: Urban retrofitting
  6. Lecture 5: Sustainable Housing in the Urban Context.
  7. Lecture 6: Slums and Urban Development.
  8. Lecture 7: Transport and Planning dimensions for sustainable city development.
  9. Lecture 8: The Smart City Model.
  10. Lecture 9: Case Studies.


Teacher Introduction

General Information

Author: Dr. Hatem Mahmoud, Faculty of Engineering – Aswan University
Credit Points: 2 CP
Estimated Effort: 4 h / week
Start: Aug, 19 2014
End: Dec, 01 2014