Engineering for a Sustainable Environment


Solid, industrial and hazardous waste generation and control, with an emphasis on sustainable engineering practices such as environmental impact assessment and performance, waste management, pollution prevention, waste minimization, cleaner production, energy recovery, recycling and reuse.

This course gains 8 ECTS / 4 CP


Lectures delivered in pdf files as follows:

  1. Introduction with a focus on atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate change
  2. Energy, environment and sustainable Development
  3. Environmental Impacts of Energy Sources
  4. Sustainable use of energy
  5. Environmental considerations and cost estimation of Electricity generation in a carbon-constrained world
  6. Air Pollution Control Technology
  7. Why Clean Energy
  8. Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
  9. Cleaner Production
  10. Basics of Wastewater Treatment


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Teacher Introduction

General Information

Author: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Aly
Credit Points: 4 CP
Estimated Effort: 4 h / week
Start: Aug, 19 2014
End: Dec, 01 2014