Creative Marketing


The course of creative marketing is meant to be an integral part of the MBA on Entrepreneurship as it explains the relationship between your company, the customers, and the value that you create through your endeavors.  Through this course, you will be learning about the importance of marketing as an entrepreneur, but understand it in a non-traditional sense that will allow you to market and advertise your products/services, using realistic budgets and tools that have become available only due to the proliferation of online services and new technologies.  By the end of the course, you will not only have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of marketing, but also and understanding on how you can use it in a creative way that will allow for its application in the 21st century business environment.


About the Author

Dr. Omar Ramzy is an Associate Professor of Marketing and the Head of the Marketing Department in the Faculty of Business & Economics, Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development.  Dr. Ramzy specializes in new and emerging fields of Marketing such as Islamic Marketing, Green Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Retailing, and E-Commerce.  Dr. Ramzy has also published over half a dozen papers in international journals such as the European Business Review and Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal and has contributed many cases for the Middle Eastern version of Kotler and Keller’s Marketing Management.  Furthermore, Dr. Ramzy has extensive practical experience in the field of Marketing from his work in multi-national corporations such as Procter & Gamble.  Dr. Ramzy takes particular interest in gathering between the western and eastern cultures, which is reflected in his work on co-authoring the Middle-Eastern Edition of Prof. Noel Capon’s “Marketing Management for the 21st Century”.


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Author: Dr. Omar Ramzy
Credit Points: - CP
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