Biological Treatment of Waste


  1. Introduce the students to the basic information about the environmental wastes either solid or liquid.
  2. Give the students information about the proper management of waste material
  3. Make the students understand the different technologies used worldwide in waste treatment.
  4. Make the students acquainted with the recent developments in the field of waste safe-disposal, waste-to-energy, waste composting.

Knowledge and understanding

  1. Make the students classify the environmental waste and means of its treatment.
  2. Make the students diagnose the magnitude of the mishandling of waste and its environmental impacts.
  3. Make the students outline the waste stream and the different options available.


Topic No. of hours per week
1.    Waste classification 4
2.    Solid waste generation and collection 4
3.    Solid waste handling and recycling 4
4.    Reuse issues and environmental concerns 4
5.    Hazardous waste treatment and disposal 4
6.    Medical waste collection, sorting and handling 4
7.    Basic Concepts of Wastewater Treatment 4
8.    Activated sludge processes 4
9.    Anaerobic treatment of wastewater 4
10.  Units and principal of operation 4
11. Reed Beds and Oxidation Ponds 4
12. Novel trends in Wastewater treatments 4


Teacher Introduction

General Information

Author: Prof. Dr. Salah Hassouna
Credit Points: 3CP CP
Estimated Effort: 4 h / week
Start: Mar, 01 2105
End: Jun, 18 2015