Basic Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control


In this course, students will understand the foundations of environmental engineering and understand what it means to consider the environment when engaging in both small and large engineering and industrial projects.  As such, students will learn about the basics of pollution control in relation to the various regulations and regulatory bodies found throughout the world regarding emissions and pollutants.


About the Instructor

Prof. Rasha Elkholy is a Professor of Civil Engineering with a focus on Hydraulics and Irrigation. Prof. Elkholy received her PhD. from Ain-Shams University and is current the Dean of Faculty of Engineering at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development.  Prof. Rasha currently heads several international projects aimed at integrating aspects of sustainable development in the engineering sectors in Egypt.


Teacher Introduction

General Information

Author: Professor Rasha Elkholy
Credit Points: 5 CP
Estimated Effort: - h / week
Start: no specific date!
End: no specific date!