TU Graz has developed the first of 2 training weeks ( May 5 to 9, 2014 ).
The goal of this week lay in training the teaching staff at the Egypt partner universities in Green Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It aimed to that the staff members being able to relate the contents of the training at their respective universities.
The training included 2 to 5 lectures each day, depending on the daily program, given by TU Graz staff and external experts from the Graz Region actively involved in companies, most of them owners and founders of these companies, to relate their knowledge in specific fields but also their experiences with founding innovative companies in the sustainability field.
The daily program consisted in lectures, questions to the lecturers and feedback from the audience. One field trip enhanced the program, showing a food factory, relying on Fair Trade as well as sustainable tourism, and the visit to the Regional Sustainable Development Centre. Another visit included a research and consultant company in the field of Alternative Energies and Energy Effectiveness.

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