March, 23rd – March, 28th 2015  at RWTH Aachen.

This training will provide junior faculty members from different backgrounds the basic principles of sustainable development and the interrelationship between different disciplines. It will be an introduction to the whole planned graduate programs. It focuses on sustainable development and global challenges – vital issues for humanity – with specific attention to the challenges in Egypt and developing countries and their transition from unsustainable to sustainable development.  Topics include examples of unsustainable development and global challenges, rethinking established ways of production and consumption; solid waste management, types of green business, the interrelationship between local and global challenges, economic growth, population growth; finding new ways of greening economics, water challenges and opportunities, renewable energies and energy efficiency,  green building, sustainable agriculture, and climate change.  The course covers also the integrated approaches to Water-Energy-Food Nexus and possible applications.


The specific learning objectives of this workshop are;

  • Understand and analyze the interrelationship and inter-dependency between global changes and human activities.
  • Understand and evaluate a broad view of factors and barriers in local actions related to water, solid waste management, energy, agriculture, and consumption/production management that have led to concern about unsustainable development and global changes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the field of sustainable development and ability to introduce change in the community that leads to sustainable development.
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