GIEP Aims and Learning Outcomes

article_img_smog In order to take advantage of Sustainable Development as a growth opportunity, GIEP is responsible for bringing about a new generation of innovators and social entrepreneurs who possess the skills that will enable them to start up a green business that will also meet the needs of society. Students who study the GIEP are provided with the skills necessary to identify, assess, and shape environmental ideas into real business opportunities.

GIEP Target Groups and Admission

The main target group are graduated students in Egypt, the Arab region, and Europe. A bachelor’s degree in any field is a minimum requirement for application to the programme. Submission is also subject to the individual requirements of each participating university (E.g. English language proficiency).

The Master’s Programme

MSc on GIEP Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme is based on a defined structure which includes: a Core Module, a Balance Module and four different sub-modules (Green Technology Module, Entrepreneurship Module, Sustainable Cities Module, Sustainable Communities Module). Acting within this framework, each university has developed new MSc, meetings the own needs in line with the strategy of the institution.

Alexandria University

Alexandria University develops a full new MSc program, offered by the IGSR (Institute of Graduate studies and Research), an institute that is already providing other multidisciplinary MSc. The program will cover all the four submodules specified in the proposal. It has already been approved by the supreme Council and it started in fall 2014.

The American University in Cairo

The AUC has launched the new MSc program in Sustainable Development, offered by the Centre for Sustainable Development, which acts as coordinating body among the School of Sciences and Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The program has started in fall 2013 and includes all the four sub-modules specified in the proposal.

Zagazig University

Zagazig University has started new MSc under two different faculties. The Faculty of Engineering offers three new MSc: MSc in Energy Green Technology, MSc in Entrepreneurship, MSc in Sustainable Cities. The Faculty of Science offers the MSc in Science Green Technology. The new MSc have started in fall 2015.

Aswan University

Aswan University will promote two new MSc, both under the School of Engineering: MSc in Green Structure Engineering and MSc in Green Energy Engineering. The process is currently undergoing under internal approval and will start soon the implementation according to the formal acceptance of all the approving institutions.

European agreements

In line with the aim of enforcing the cooperation Europe-Egypt, enhancing the internationalization and giving more visibility to these programs, the opportunity to set up different cooperation models among the European Universities and the Partner Universities have been investigated. The consortium decided since the beginning to work on bilateral agreements between universities, rather than structure a general model involving all partners, which would have faced higher complexity.

After a deep and exhaustive internal consultation, Polimi has defined and formalized a cooperation model for a Double Degree, which has been formalized with The American Uiversity in Cairo, Alexandria University and Zagazig University.