The Graz University of Technology pursues high quality teaching and research in the fields of engineering and technical-natural sciences. An integral part of putting together such excellent education and training programs is knowing the needs of society and the economy. Ultimately, the quality of education and training at TU Graz is carried forward by the strength of its knowledge-oriented and applied research approaches. Numerous competence centres such as the Christian-Doppler laboratories, special research fields, research focuses, and large EU projects are only a few examples of the University’s extremely active and successful work. In world-wide competition with comparable institutions, TU Graz aspires to become the preeminent teaching and research centre in the fields of engineering and technical-natural sciences.

TU Graz plays a central role in this consortium by injecting the ideas of innovation into the planned MSc programme. TU Graz supports the process of developing the GIEP curriculum, syllabus, and course contents. In addition, TU Graz is responsible for the second training module on Green Innovation. TU Graz also introduces the Egyptian academic members to the techniques of innovation in Austria and trains them on systematic innovation, approaching industry, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. TU Graz involves its Technology Transfer Office in the training process in order to help the Egyptian professors acquire knowledge regarding the role of the university in promoting, enabling, and supporting start-up businesses. Various entrepreneurs are involved to provide their experience to the Egyptians.

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