The training was scheduled after four other trainings carried out during the project, in Politecnico and in the other European partner universities.

This workshop was focused on entrepreneurship, in order to give to participants contents and methodologies which can be used in the implementation of the new MSc GIEP in the Egyptian universities. Indeed, the new GIEP programme aims to create a whole new generation of business and social entrepreneurs with the skills that will allow them to start-up green businesses, launch innovative ventures and products, and put in place public policy and social entrepreneurship innovations that, together, address society’s environmental and natural resource challenges.

The learning outcomes of the training have been:

  • To create and inspire entrepreneurship attitude and spirit;
  • To understand good practices of incubators;
  • To understand good practices of intellectual property management;
  • To develop high level discussion on Egyptian entrepreneurship ecosystem;
  • To understand social innovation and social entrepreneurship.
  • The training also included a two-days workshop of EMPRETEC, an integrated capacity-building programme of UNCTAD that promotes the creation of sustainable support structures that help promising entrepreneurs build innovative and internationally competitive small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), contributing to the development of a dynamic private sector.
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