The GIEP Industry and Civil sector Dissemination Event will take place on Monday, March 16th at AUC Tahrir Campus.

The GIEP Industry and Civil Sector Dissemination Event is one of the main activities in the Dissemination work package, intended to reach both potential students and the industry for engaging in the GIEP program and pave the way for establishing partnership agreements with relevant stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of the masters programs beyond GIEP.

This event will bring together potential partners from the industry, citizen sector, potential students and university professors from all over Egypt to build a network of GIEP supporters spanning across Egypt.

In this regard, the event will not only promote the GIEP program, as a Tempus project, but also front and center partner universities and the newly created masters programs.

In this way, the event will serve two purposes: the first purpose will be to increase awareness of the project and thus increase the number of people engaged in it, and the second purpose is to help with the sustainability of the project as it will ensure that having enough partners and students will provide the necessary financials and funding to ensure the continuation of the Masters programs long after the GIEP project is completed.

For maximised impact from this event, the objectives where chosen to allow building a strong connection which each individual stakeholder:

  1. Introduce GIEP program, partner universities and master programs.
  2. Build a network of potential partners who are interested in education for sustainable development (ESD).

More details about the event will be posted after the event takes place.

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