During the last meeting May 6 to 9, 2013 in Milano, the consortium discussed further steps in the establishment of the GIEP degree.

Currently, each of the Egyptian partner university is defining which of the tracks (Green Technology  GT, Entrepreneurship E, Sustainable Cites  SC, Sustainable Community) will be implemented. Therefore the EG universities prepare a document containing general information e.g. on the degree level, length of programme or official language. Each module is briefly described focusing on the track that specifies the motivation to the course of study. Further steps include the presentation of the learning objectives, target, and expected results. Moreover, there is a short description of the organization of the course in terms of duration, integration within the academic programme, as well as typology of degree obtained. Last but not least, it defines further opportunities within the academic field as well as professional opportunities and prospective career options.

The current track definition is a great progress for the entire development of the GIEP project in developing the Master study programme.

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