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In this workshop, an exhibition about the GIEP and the equipment bought through its fund was explored in front of the meeting of the Higher Supreme Council which was held at Zagazig University. The idea was to disseminate the project and the master degree of the GIEP to the Higher Supreme Council and promote the degree by distributing the flyers of the project. This activity gave the project partners at ZU a great opportunity of disseminating the project as the Egyptian media (TV and Newspapers) was also present.

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RAS3The event has taken place at Safir Hotel (El Dokki, Cairo) in the morning of 29th September.

After three years of project implementation, this event has represented the closure of the activities, with the presentation and dissemination of the achievements reached by the consortium. The event has been opened to a broad audience, with the involvement of private companies, university representatives and NGOs, and public institutions.

His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ashraf El-Shihy also participated as special guest. He gave his open remarks, highlighting the relevance that sustainability currently acquires in the development of Egypt, and the need of research and innovation on a multidisciplinary level.

The day was structured in two different thematic sessions. The first one was focused on the academia: the GIEP universities briefly presented the results achieved in their own institutions, remarking the new implemented MSc courses and the importance of sustainability in the current Egyptian development agenda. The second session had the contribution of representatives of private sector, of the National Tempus Office, and of the Supreme Council of Universities, whose contributions has been pivotal for the recognition and implementation of the MSc GIEP in Egypt.

The event has also represented the opportunity for all the stakeholders to define and plan further actions of collaboration, in order to give to the GIEP program a long term perspective and impact on the Egyptian society.


RAS1RES4MED has organized a one-day international workshop held in Cairo on September 28th with the aim of fostering a high-level dialogue between key stakeholders, agencies, energy companies, financial institutions, investors, industrial players, technology providers and universities, to generate a deeper understanding of local needs, strengthening public-private partnership. GIEP consortium has been directly involved in the event, with the participation at the afternoon session “The challenges of education in Egypt at the light of post-2015 agenda”.

The session has represented a stimulating opportunity to discuss the roles academia and private actors in the Egyptian society to tackle the challenge of sustainable development. Alexandria University, The American University of Cairo and Cairo University have presented programs and contents being developed in the multidisciplinary frame of sustainable development, green innovation and entrepreneurship.

All the panelists agreed that working on human capital as crucial “natural and renewable” resource and empowering local capacity as consequent action is the most sustainable way to create a long lasting, autonomous and equitable development with mutual benefit at local and global level.

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TU Graz has developed the first of 2 training weeks ( May 5 to 9, 2014 ).
The goal of this week lay in training the teaching staff at the Egypt partner universities in Green Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It aimed to that the staff members being able to relate the contents of the training at their respective universities.
The training included 2 to 5 lectures each day, depending on the daily program, given by TU Graz staff and external experts from the Graz Region actively involved in companies, most of them owners and founders of these companies, to relate their knowledge in specific fields but also their experiences with founding innovative companies in the sustainability field.
The daily program consisted in lectures, questions to the lecturers and feedback from the audience. One field trip enhanced the program, showing a food factory, relying on Fair Trade as well as sustainable tourism, and the visit to the Regional Sustainable Development Centre. Another visit included a research and consultant company in the field of Alternative Energies and Energy Effectiveness.

From April 7 – 9, 2014, the Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme will participate in the BioVision in Alexandria.

The BioVision Alexandria Conference represents a unique opportunity and will explore new scientific frontiers and conversing fundamental changes in life sciences, as well as next generation technologies that are needed to face our global hurdles and threats.

Under the umbrella of the BioFair, GIEP is going to have an information booth and will also organize a panel discussion on the topic Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Towards a sustainable future of Egypt.  The discussion will elaborate and highlight the challenges that today’s Egypt faces and aims to link the importance of Sustainable Development, to the situation in Egypt and how the MSc GIEP can contribute to a positive as well as sustainable change.