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SEKEM is an Egyptian NGO involved in all levels of education, research, and development. SEKEM runs a kindergarten, primary, preparatory, and secondary schools as well as a technical secondary school and a vocational training centre based on the dual company and school based vocational training approach. SEKEM also helped found the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. SEKEM has been awarded many international awards including the Alternative Nobel Prize for its more than 30 years of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. The RCE Cairo (Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development) is part of the SEKEM entity. RCE Cairo was acknowledged in November 2008 by the United Nations University in Tokyo. It is now part of a global network of currently 117 RCEs, all established within the framework of the UN Decade for Education on Sustainable Development (2005-2014). RCE Cairo, with its strong local network of over 20 universities, schools, NGOs, companies, and governmental authorities, is highly committed to its aims of promoting education for sustainable development nationwide.

SEKEM supports the grant applicant in the local coordination of different activities. SEKEM has wide experience in working with the industry and has its own companies which deal only with green industry and products. This enables the consortium to bridge the gap between Egyptian universities and the industrial sector. SEKEM supports carrying out the Market Needs Analysis to identify the exact needs of the industry and Egyptian market for the proposed programme. This will also help the consortium to identify the topics that have to be covered by the GIEP courses. It is also responsible for the dissemination package together with the four Egyptian universities (Work Package 6). The tasks of SEKEM in WP6 include the preparation of a plan for the different dissemination channels and target groups. It will also support the four Egyptian universities to organise the dissemination events in Alexandria, Cairo, Zagazig, and Qena. SEKEM also helps in involving donors to provide scholarships for the students.