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In accordance with Presidential Decree No. 18, Zagazig University (ZU) was founded in 1974 as a state university with the aim to create and transfer knowledge in a manner that would produce citizens who contribute positively to their communities and lead their professions in a global society. The mission of ZU is the advancement of applied knowledge and research to address societal needs, and the provision of programmes of study that provide a balance between theory and application. ZU also prepares students for careers in professional fields. This mission, in line with the project, seeks to target innovation and transfer the theories and knowledge developed from within the campus to be made available for Egyptian society. The involvement of the faculties of science, business, and engineering in this project is very important in order to achieve the project objectives, especially given that ZU has a strong relationship with the private sector and is in a position to introduce real change.

ZU has already agreed with the Sharqeyya Governorate Industry Sector, prior to preparation of this proposal, to work with the Chamber of Commerce to contribute to the development of practically oriented courses and make use of their experts. The involvement of several faculties will be of great support to the development of multidisciplinary teaching materials. The university also establishes labs that provide research and development consultancy for the industry in the region and promote sustainable development in what is the third largest governorate in the country. The energy department helps the European partners in developing renewable energy courses to promote sustainable development beyond the campus. ZU also plays an important role in dissemination through the green buildings and water saving campaign, mainly in Sharqeyya governorate (which is the biggest agricultural area in Egypt). ZU also leads the second work package (WP2) to establish green technology labs at the 4 participating universities.