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Heliopolis University was Established in 2009 with the aim to ioneer the introduction of the concepts and principles of sustainable development to the students and the Egyptian community to improve well-being by decreasing threats to the Earth’systems through industrialization and consumption.  Heliopolis University strives for conscious Sustainable Development, economic solidarity, social responsibility, and environmental balance in Egypt and the rest of the world.  From the onset, Heliopolis University developed a sustainable campus practice through increased use of solar power, waste water treatment for irrigation, and conscious waste management and recycling.  The degree programs offered at Heliopolis University address the concepts and theories of sustainable development through a multi-disciplinary holistic approach that integrates teaching, learning, research, and practice.  The unique core program further enriches the learning experience by focusing on sustainability and human development.

Aswan University branch was established in 1974 affiliated to Assuit University and the study was begun in it in October 1973-1974 in faculty of Education. The first bachelor degree was granted in 1978. In 1995 a presidential decree no.23 for 1995 was issued to establish South Valley University, and then university branch became affiliated to South Valley University.

In 2012, Aswan university was established as a dependence university according to the presidential decree no.311 in 11-6-2013.the university includes 15 faculties:

  • faculty of Arts
  • faculty of Education
  • faculty of Social Work- faculty of Engineering
  • faculty of Energy Engineering
  • faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • faculty of Agriculture
  • faculty of Nursing
  • faculty of Languages and Translation
  • faculty of Medicine
  • faculty of fishes and fisheries Technology
  • faculty of Commerce
  • faculty of Archaeology
  • faculty of Specific Education