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The Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (FPM) was founded in 2003 as a practical, non-profit instrument subsidiary to the Politecnico di Milano (the Technical University of Milan) in the fields of innovation and technology transfer. It aims to promote applied research, education, and dissemination of scientific culture; share innovation with businesses and public administrations; and foster the creation of new enterprises. Research activity is focused on business, economics, management, and great attention is devoted to the analysis of the impact of new technologies and technology based entrepreneurship. One section of FPM, the Enterprise Accelerator, supports technological transfers from the university to the industrial world through the creation of new enterprises by offering services to potential entrepreneurs in the start-up phase through:

  • The Incubator: to assist high-tech start-up enterprises
  • The New Enterprises Office: to stimulate the creation and development of new enterprises

FPM contributes to the design of the syllabus of the multidisciplinary modules including entrepreneurial competences and skills. FPM can leverage its previous experience on the development of entrepreneurial curricula and its activity in support of the creation of university start-ups and spin-offs through the Acceleratore di Impresa of the Politecnico di Milano.

FPM involves relevant stakeholders, such as municipalities and public bodies active in the domain of smart cities and organises workshops and site visits to start-ups working in the area of green technologies.

FPM contributes to the implementation of Module III, specifically through the provision of case studies where, through the analysis of real cases, the trainees will have the chance to develop competences. FPM also contributes to the development of course material based on company case studies. FPM leads the quality control work package (WP8), including all of its activities and reports.