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Established in 1863, POLIMI is one of the leading science and technology universities in Europe and is the largest institute in Italy in Engineering, Architecture, and Industrial Design. Its premises are spread over 7 campuses for better interaction with local communities and private companies. The university offers innovative programmes at all levels with 6 schools of engineering, 2 schools of architecture, and 1 school of design. Teaching is deeply related to research, a key commitment that enables POLIMI to achieve results of high international standards, while creating connections with the business world. With more than 130 laboratories, strategic research is carried out in the fields of energy, transportation, management and planning, design, mathematics, natural sciences, ICT, built environment, and cultural heritage. POLIMI has extensive experience in managing international projects of great size and is very committed to international cooperation projects.

POLIMI coordinates and manages the project. The management task includes leading 3 task groups and responsibility for all 9 task groups. POLIMI is responsible for leading the first work package which is aimed at developing a joint/double MSc degree. It also supports the consortium in developing curriculum, syllabus, and course content. POLIMI leads the training work package and provides two training modules in Italy. This includes preparation and adoption of training materials to cope with local Egyptian circumstances. The training modules cover topics such as “Green Entrepreneurship, Management of small business, and Sustainable cities and their policies”. POLIMI is also responsible for the overall financial administration of the project budget. As a grant applicant, POLIMI prepares the final version of the intermediate and final project reports and submits them to the EACEA. POLIMI ensures the involvement of external evaluators to ensure quality.