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The GIEP Industry and Civil sector Dissemination Event will take place on Monday, March 16th at AUC Tahrir Campus.

The GIEP Industry and Civil Sector Dissemination Event is one of the main activities in the Dissemination work package, intended to reach both potential students and the industry for engaging in the GIEP program and pave the way for establishing partnership agreements with relevant stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of the masters programs beyond GIEP.

This event will bring together potential partners from the industry, citizen sector, potential students and university professors from all over Egypt to build a network of GIEP supporters spanning across Egypt.

In this regard, the event will not only promote the GIEP program, as a Tempus project, but also front and center partner universities and the newly created masters programs.

In this way, the event will serve two purposes: the first purpose will be to increase awareness of the project and thus increase the number of people engaged in it, and the second purpose is to help with the sustainability of the project as it will ensure that having enough partners and students will provide the necessary financials and funding to ensure the continuation of the Masters programs long after the GIEP project is completed.

For maximised impact from this event, the objectives where chosen to allow building a strong connection which each individual stakeholder:

  1. Introduce GIEP program, partner universities and master programs.
  2. Build a network of potential partners who are interested in education for sustainable development (ESD).

More details about the event will be posted after the event takes place.

March, 23rd – March, 28th 2015  at RWTH Aachen.

This training will provide junior faculty members from different backgrounds the basic principles of sustainable development and the interrelationship between different disciplines. It will be an introduction to the whole planned graduate programs. It focuses on sustainable development and global challenges – vital issues for humanity – with specific attention to the challenges in Egypt and developing countries and their transition from unsustainable to sustainable development.  Topics include examples of unsustainable development and global challenges, rethinking established ways of production and consumption; solid waste management, types of green business, the interrelationship between local and global challenges, economic growth, population growth; finding new ways of greening economics, water challenges and opportunities, renewable energies and energy efficiency,  green building, sustainable agriculture, and climate change.  The course covers also the integrated approaches to Water-Energy-Food Nexus and possible applications.


The specific learning objectives of this workshop are;

  • Understand and analyze the interrelationship and inter-dependency between global changes and human activities.
  • Understand and evaluate a broad view of factors and barriers in local actions related to water, solid waste management, energy, agriculture, and consumption/production management that have led to concern about unsustainable development and global changes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the field of sustainable development and ability to introduce change in the community that leads to sustainable development.

The upcoming management meeting hosted by Zagazig University is planned to take place on March 18th – 19th 2015. All partners will come together for this meeting to share updates about the project, running activities, management issues, challenges and bottlenecks. Main topics of the discussions will cover the progress of the acknowledgement process of all GIEP programs and the over all sustainability of the GIEP masters programs beyond the end of the project duration.

More details about the meeting will be posted in late March 2015.

The upcoming management meeting hosted by Alexandria University is planned to take place on September, 24 and 25 2014. All partners will come together for this meeting to share updates about the project, running activities, management issues, challenges and bottlenecks. Main topics of the discussions will cover the progress of the acknowledgement process of all GIEP programs and the status of the green tech labs including the training program on the equipment.

More details about the meeting will be posted in late September.

From September 15 to 19 a training on the Learning Management System (LMS) and on eCourse development will be held at the Technical University of Aachen. The course will give an introduction to the rich possibilities of technology enhanced learning, teaching and knowledge sharing. The targeted audience for the training are young Egyptian academics who will be involved in developing or teaching courses in the new Master Programs on Sustainable Development.

The AUC’s Center for Sustainable Development is hosting a day of workshops on green entrepreneurship and social enterprise on Saturday, May 24, 2014 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The event introduces participants to social entrepreneurship in Egypt, exposes them to resources and key organizations in this field, and guides them through the key stages of taking a project from idea to reality.

The event brings together representatives from major organizations in the field like Nahdet El Mahrousa, icecairo and ice_ribh, and AUC Venture Lab.

Dr. Hani Sewilam, the program director of the MSc in Sustainable Development, partner in the GIEP will open and participate in the session.


For further information please find attached the flyer AUC_GreenEnterpreneurshipDay

During the “Industry-Institute Committe” on June, 7, 2014 at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR) (Alexandria University), Dr Khaled Elsaadany will introduce the Master Degrees “Green Technologies” and “Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship”which got developed under the umbrella of GIEP and will be open for students to apply in Fall 2014.

From April 7 – 9, 2014, the Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme will participate in the BioVision in Alexandria.

The BioVision Alexandria Conference represents a unique opportunity and will explore new scientific frontiers and conversing fundamental changes in life sciences, as well as next generation technologies that are needed to face our global hurdles and threats.

Under the umbrella of the BioFair, GIEP is going to have an information booth and will also organize a panel discussion on the topic Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Towards a sustainable future of Egypt.  The discussion will elaborate and highlight the challenges that today’s Egypt faces and aims to link the importance of Sustainable Development, to the situation in Egypt and how the MSc GIEP can contribute to a positive as well as sustainable change.

From 3 until 7 February 2014, Politecnico di Milano will host the first training Module on Sustainable Urban Development. The objective of the training is to share knowledge, methodologies and educational material regarding the concept of Sustainable Development applied to the Urban Environment.

Egyptian professors from the GIEP partner universities will participate in the training, so that they can teach and train in subjects related to their discipline at their university.

The Technical University of Graz is announcing the trainings for the Modules Green Economy Innovators, May 5-9, 2014 and Energy Technologies, September 8-12, 2014. The modules emphasize the environmental friendly (Green) Innovation with more focus on best practices from the Middle East and aim to prepare the trainees for teaching the above mentioned modules.

International cooperation is nowadays considered as an essential element for the promotion of global energy strategies which meet the four main dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental, social and institutional.

Politecnico di Milano and Enel Foundation jointly organize an international conference to serve as high level platform for networking and scientific exchange in the field.

In the perspective of an integrated approach to resource management, energy is closely linked to other resources, in particular water and food. Availability and security of water, energy and food can be only achieved through an integrated approach. This conference represents an high level opportunity to discuss on these topics.


For more information please go to



The meeting is scheduled after one year since the beginning of the GIEP project and will be hosted by Aswan University. It intends to update each other in the construction of the GIEP degree; in particular the finalization of the curriculum and syllabus which means a important step towards a successful implementation of the Master study programme.

On August 9th 2012, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced the launch of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN). The Network mobilizes scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society and the private sector in support of sustainable development problem solving at local, national and global scales. The Network, directed by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is organized around 12 Thematic Groups and a growing number of Regional Centers.

Participation in the Solutions Network is open to universities, scientific research institutes, civil society organizations, technology companies, science-oriented foundations, and other institutions that have deep expertise in one more areas related to sustainable development, and who commit a substantial amount of their own technical and research work towards finding and/or implementing solutions for sustainable development.

More information can be found here: