The American University in Cairo (AUC) was founded in 1919 as an Egyptian private university. The AUC contributes enormously to the intellectual growth, discipline, and character of the future leaders of Egypt and the region. It has approximately 7,000 students, with 1,000 students at the master’s degree level. The mission of the AUC is to provide high quality educational opportunities to students from all segments of Egyptian society as well as from other countries. The university offers programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels as well as an extensive continuing education program. The pursuit of excellence is central to AUC’s mission, and the university maintains high standards of academic achievement, professional behaviour, and ethical conduct. The university has already started several sustainability initiatives and outreach events to promote it among the Egyptian community. The great infrastructure of the AUC and quality of its staff ensures nothing but success to this project.

The AUC plays a central role and supports the consortium in implementing the objectives of the project in Egypt. It participates in the development of the GIEP and its courses. In addition, the AUC is establishing a lab for green technologies which includes desalination units, water models, a renewable energy model, demonstrations for green building components, and so forth. In addition, the AUC is the leader of the fifth work package of the project which is devoted to ensuring the sustainability and quality of the developed degree through achieving Egyptian and European accreditation. The AUC also actively participates in the marketing campaign of the GIEP. The AUC works toward the signing of cooperation agreements to offer a complementary dual degree that is flexible for long term student mobility from both sides. An agreement between all the involved universities will produce a long-term innovative cooperation model.

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