A workshop about the accreditation process in GIEP was organized by the AUC during June 9 and 10 June, 2014. After the opening words by the Dean of the AUC’s School of Sciences and Engineering Dr. Tarek Shawky and Dr. Hani Sewilam the Program Director of the MSc in Sustainable Development (the AUC graduate program established within the GIEP) the workshop began with a presentation of Mohamed Nagib Abou-Zeid about the concepts and experiences of the accreditation of AUC programs. Drawing from his rich experience he was able to give an excellent introduction into the issue and moderate the workshop. Further, Dr. Emanuela Colombo from the Grant Holder Politecnico di Milano has introduced the accreditation system in Italy and Europe, especially with a focus on the ECTS system. Complemented by members of the other partner universities, who presented accreditation cases from their own institutions, this exchange of knowledge, concepts and experience around the issue of preparing, managing and implementing the accreditation, this workshop provided a solid base to further develop the accreditation of the graduate programs developed under GIEP.

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