The first management meeting after the inception of GIEP was held at the American University in Cairo from February 24 to 26, 2013. The main discussion points were related to the progress made in the work packages to date and the development of the cooperation model which will serve as the framework for establishing the double or joint degrees.

Reports from the work packages indicated that the implementation is well under way but some more effort will have to be done until they can be finished with satisfying results. So far, activities have been started with regard to the market study, the website as well as the internal communication server.

Presentations of the public and private accreditation procedure in Egypt as well as the European system (Bologna process) shed light on what steps need to be taken, what the essential elements are and which commonalities and differences exist. Following this, the cooperation model for the double degrees was thoroughly elaborated which mainly included a technical and substantial discussion of the curriculum.

After the meeting, a much clearer vision for developing the cooperation model has emerged. The courses need to be developed or adjusted according to the requirements of a multi-disciplinary degree and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has to be applied. Furthermore, the accreditation process has been made accessible and transparent to all participants in order to start the work on the necessary elements.

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